Admission Requirements:

Prospective students are expected to present a strong overall previous academic record, verbal and quantitative skills along with a record of community service. Generally, the applicants must have passed their pre requisite examination in at least second division (forty five percent marks). However, for specific requirements please check the Eligibility Requirements for the individual programs. In addition to the successful completion of a Higher School Certificate or Bachelor’s Degree, the primary criteria in determining eligibility for admission to the College of Banking & Finance BS/BBA, B.Com, and MBA (old) Programs are previous academic achievement and performance on the Entrance Achievement Test (EAT). Other factors, such as community service, work experience and career progression, are also important and will be considered by the Admissions Committee. Any applicant who is admitted while other courses or programs are still in the process of completion is admitted conditionally.


Each applicant represents a unique combination of the above attributes. The Admissions Committee will consider each applicant based on that individual’s proven ability to succeed, potential for future success, as well as the strengths that each applicant brings to the program.


A prospective student, who has passed their requisite examinations from a Board or University from places other than Karachi Board or University, will be required to have a Migration Certificate from their earlier Board or University.


A prospective student, who has passed their requisite examinations from a private and/or foreign University/Board, is required to obtain equivalence certificate from Karachi University or Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC).


Admission Procedure:

Candidates seeking admission are required to submit application forms duly filled in along with the following documents, and the detail published in the advertisement.

1.Photocopies of Degree/Certificates of Matriculation, Intermediate, Graduation and Post Graduation.

2.Photocopy of Computerized National ID Card, or form ‘B’ along with parents CNIC.

3.Two recent passport size photographs.

4.Take the Entrance Achievement Test (EAT).

5.Attend the interview with a member of the Admissions Committee.


Foundation Courses:

Students who fail to score satisfactorily on the EAT will be required to take foundation classes in English and/or Mathematics. The foundation courses include Study Skills, English,Basic Mathematics, and Introduction to Business. Upon satisfactory completion of the foundation program the students are guaranteed admission to our regular programs.


Application Status and Notification of Admission Decision:

Applicants will be notified in a timely manner shortly after each meeting of the Admissions Committee as to their application status, whether accepted, declined, or on hold. Applications on hold will be reviewed in each subsequent meeting of the Admissions Committee until their final status is determined.


If your application is declined, your file will remain active for the next 6 months and you may reapply at any time during that period without paying an additional application fee. Please notify the admission office if you wish to have your file reconsidered at the next meeting of the Admissions Committee. If you wish to have your application reconsidered, you mayprovide evidence of any changes that have occurred since the application was first submitted, such as academic transcripts from subsequent coursework, updated work history, etc and may have to take a fresh EAT. This information will be added to your current file and forwarded to the Admissions Committee for their consideration.