Muhammad Zeeshan Saleem

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I’m Muhammad Zeeshan Saleem, CBF Class of 2011, and the Executive Director of Alumni Relations here at CBF.

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Alumni Success Stories

Samad Saleem
Hassan Ahmed
Rana Kanwal
Nida Kiran

Samad Saleem Bombaywala

Being an Adult is difficult, especially when you are a naïve teenager, who fortunately or unfortunately never actually had to go out and face the hardships of the world, when you have lots and lots of dreams but no plan to execute them, when you have great ambitions but you are also a little scared of how and whether you’d be able to achieve them, when you have all the motivation but desperately need a direction.

CBF gave me the direction to my life, enabled me to conceive, plan, and execute my way forward in materializing my dreams. At CBF, you don’t read chapters, memories paragraphs, or pick important topics; here you learn the very concepts that guide you in the world out there. Here you will learn that there are no short cuts in life or in learning itself; you would actually have to understand, analyze, and apply the books you read, and work hard to make your way to your success, and trust me that pays off.

CBF for me, was my first point of contact to the practical life, where they challenged me, groomed me, and most all trusted me, with my potential in management. CBF Students’ Council gave me an avenue develop and polish my management skills. During the course of four year while I was completing my BSBA, I have organized and managed more than a dozen of seminars, workshops, and events for CBF, of educational, recreational, and professional in nature, both in-campus and outside, most notable among which include a workshop at the Sheraton Hotel Karachi, a commercial seminar and a separate workshop at the Pavilion End Club, an a couple of Annual Dinners and picnics for CBF. The confidence that I reaped from this experience is now a part of me and will always help me in the future.

I, Samad Saleem Bombaywala, am currently working at a vibrant and exciting idea house named SANDPAPER as Associate Brand Strategist on a partnership track, and have successfully launched two major campaigns for Lifebuoy Shampoo (Unilever Pakistan) and Habitt in less than a year since joining. Having said that, today I can say that whoever I am today and wherever I will be in the future, CBF is, and will be a significant factor in my success, and that CBF was one of the best thing that happened to me. It is where I became an Adult.

Hassan Ahmed

I am Hassan Ahmed, CBF Class of 2013, currently working as an Executive Assistant at Indus Motor Company. The journey here at CBF has been an amazing one. My story began in CBF in February 2013, as I enrolled in the Master’s programme.

Realizing the importance of experiential learning, I figured from an early stage that becoming skilled person was just a starting point and education and constant improvement was a never ending. Given the heavy workload, sometimes exceeding 100 hours of overtime, it seemed difficult to carry on with the studies. However, I ensured that I keep afloat and pursued higher studies with complete zeal and eventually attained my Master’s Degree.

Although I consider myself lucky that I have achieved considerable success in my life, my journey of continuous improvement continues. Besides augmenting my education, the skills and learning acquired at CBF have enabled me to put the explicit knowledge gained from my education in line with the tacit knowledge acquired from handling the real life situations. In retrospective, along with the skills and knowledge I was offered at CBF, Mr. Iqbal Ali Mahfooz has been a great mentor and inspiration for me as he has taught me to look at life situations with different perspectives and the acumen to analyze them. He has been a great influencer and he has given me a wider vision of my life.

Rana Kanwal

It was a great journey of studying at College of Banking & Finance. The MBA programme was elaborative, interesting, and practical to my work needs. Both the faculty and administrative staff were welcoming and helpful, and I gained so much more than I expected.

Studying in this place enabled me to widen my horizon and reinforce my vigor. It would be worth mentioning here that despite of having no commerce background, the college faculty helped me to go through this journey like any other student within the specified time of 3 years.

I take it as a big achievement for me and my college faculty too. By the Grace of God, right after this program, I got appointed as Executive Officer in one of the prestigious department of Federal Government of Pakistan.

I find myself much motivated and dedicated while working with the top management and this confidence, I have received from College of Banking & Finance.

Nida Kiran

Senior Client Service Executive in Standard Chartered Bank.My life is full of bad and good experiences but with adventures.I spent really good time of my life in CBF. I learnt swimming, driving and snorkeling with my studies. I always love challenges and problems, this can be my talent or passion that I want to compete with the world with less resources because I belong to a very simple and middle-class family.

From the beginning, I used to work with my studies. After Intermediate started work as a “Creative Writer” with Vibrant Services.When I was in CBF, during the 3rd year of my BS-BA, A job in digital marketing was offered by a well-known software house named “Nanosoft Technologies”.

My respected principles Ma'am Taj Ali and Sir Iqbal Ali supported me at their best to start my professional career with NST, they really helped me out to get the better things in life. That’s how my career started in between my studies.After 1.5 years, I left NST and did 2 internships in 2 different firms to get the exposure of the new trends of markets. Then, I joined Standard Chartered Bank. Now, it has been 4 years of working with Standard Chartered successfully.

I was thrilled to get the exposure from the world and excited to interact with different mindsets, but could not deliver my thoughts in front of the world, Sir Iqbal Ali taught me how to deal with the world. I also work as a volunteer to help needy people for many organizations with my job because I believe that ”Koi Kaam Chota Nahi Hota”, Whatever you do with the world it will definitely come back to you.CBF is very close to my heart, if I am successfully living my years of life it is just because of the guidance and support of my principles.