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Scholarships Guidance


Scholarships Eligibility

The scholarship grants are determined on the basis of merit and need to support their education.


Procedure of Applying

Submit your scholarship application along with the the admissions form.

Scholarships Retention Criteria

Scholarships awarded at the time of admission are not enhanced further in light of your performance at the university. These are renewed automatically each semester if students maintain the required CGPA and a minimum attendance of 85 percent. In case students fail to maintain the required CGPA, they are provided a probationary semester to improve the performance.

Scholarship Awards & Criteria

The Scholarships awarded by College of Banking & Finance at the time of admissions are determined on the basis Higher Secondary School Grades as well as the following key factors:

  • Performance in the College of Banking & Finance Scholarship Exam.
  • Initiatives taken for participation in diverse activities and community service.
  • Work 6-10 hours per week in College premises on different projects.

Scholarships Terms

Scholarships awarded at the time of admission are for four years, provided the recipient fulfills the following conditions:

  • Maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.8 for a Dr Mehfooz scholarship, CGPA of 3.4 for a CBF Merit Scholarship.
  • Active participation in meta-curricular activities beyond the classroom.
  • Being on good academic standing and follow the University’s Rules & Regulations, policies and procedures