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The examination and grading for each course will comprise of: quizzes (scheduled or surprise short test of 5 to 10 minutes each); periodical examinations of two hours each; assignments & reports; class participation; and, final semester examination (the final semester examination will be conducted and administered by The University of Karachi the affiliating body for the College of Banking and Finance).

Final and overall grade will have the results or marks in all the five components. In this calculation the composition will be:

  • Final Semester Examination (by the University of Karachi) 60%
  • Mid-Term Examination (Internal) 10%
  • Pre Final (Internal) 10%
  • Quizzes/Assignments/Reports (Internal) 15%
  • Class Participation (Internal) 5%

Promotion Rules


Students shall not be promoted to the next higher class if he/she fails to clear 80% of courses.


A student repeating a course shall not be given a rank in order of merit.


Admission to the next degree class such as MBA shall not be granted without fulfilling the basic entry requisites including completion of BS and/or admission test.


Student’s Absence/Detention on account of shortage of attendance shall be deemed as failure in that course.

Examination Rules

  • The Examination held at the end of the semester after completion of a course shall be known as the “Terminal Examination”. In case where Practical/Field work etc. are part of the course they shall also be examined at the end of the semester. “Terminal Theory Examination” and “Terminal Practical Examination” shall be the separate passing heads.
  • Terminal Examination will be held for 60 marks.
  • In a course where lab/field/practical work examination will be taken during or at the end of a semester it will be a separate head of passing.
  • In courses where lab/field/practical work is not essential, students shall be given a Terminal Examination of 60 marks per course.
  • Mid-Term, Pre-Final, Quizzes, Assignments, Reports, and Class Participation marks will be awarded by the College. The Internal Examinations will be of 40 marks. Both Internal College exams and Terminal Examinations will be a separate head of passing.

Unfair Means

All the cases of unfair means will be forwarded to the Disciplinary Committee appointed for the purpose and the matter will be dealt with in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University.

Change of Subjects


Student can change the major subject in the second year if they obtain at least 70% marks in both the semesters in their minor subject, which they want to select as their major subject, provided that they have passed all the courses of first year and secured total aggregate of 60% provided further that the Chairpersons have no objection to this change subject to the availability of subsidiary combination.


Student seeking change in any of the minor subjects can apply for change within 30 days of the start of the semester of 1st year as well as 2nd year. All such permissions would be granted by the Dean on the recommendation of the Chairperson, provided there is a provision of such combinations in the statutes.


  • The assessment of students’ performance will be made out of 100 marks fixed for a course in general.
  • A minimum of 50% marks is required to pass. Both theory and practical exams are separate passing heads. Internal College exams and Terminal Examinations are separate heads of passing.
  • Overall grading for the declaration of final result would be according to the following criteria:

Grade Point Table

Numeric Score Alphabetic Grade Grade Points
90 & Above A+ 4.0
85-89 A 4.0
80-84 A- 3.8
75-79 B+ 3.4
71-74 B 3.0
68-70 B- 2.8
64-67 C+ 2.4
61-63 C 2.0
57-60 C- 1.8
50-52 D 1.0
53-56 D+ 1.4
Below 50 Fails 0.0



If a student is unable to complete the attendance requirement in any course, he/she shall be required to attend the course whenever it is offered again. He/She will become eligible for taking the examination in the particular course only after he/she has completed its attendance requirement. Such a student shall pay a prescribed fee for attending the classes as casual student.


If a student, after completing the attendance requirement, does not appear or fails in the terminal examination of a course, he/she will be allowed to re-appear not more than twice in the terminal examinations in the next session after the payment of examination fee as repeater student. Upon completion of the attendance requirement the student will be allowed no more than a total of three chances to pass/get promoted in the next higher class.


A repeater student who fails to clear a course/courses in three attempts (one as a regular student and two as a repeater student), will not be eligible to re-appear.He/She may be allowed as a last chance to attend the classes of the course/courses he/she failed to clear. Utility charges of Rs. 4,750/= per course will be charged from all those students who are allowed to attend classes as per request or as 3rd time failed cases.


If a student does not clear a part of a course e.g. lab. or theory, he/she will repeat that part of the course only in which he/she failed.


If a student of Master’s class does not clear short of aggregate after one chance of improvement by appearing in two courses having less than 45% marks, will be awarded third division. In case of Honors program such students shall have to convert to BA/B.Sc.Pass. In case of short of CGPR, remarks of short of CGPR condoned be written on the final mark sheet, who could not improve their CGPR.


If a student has failed in only one paper of a degree program and he/she declared to attend fresh classes as 3rd time failure shall be allowed to take condense classes to complete his degree program and to appear in exam provided, he/she is losing one year if asked to attend fresh classes in regular semester. Cancelled admission of those students who fails in > 50% of courses in their first academic year will be restored by Dean with Chairperson’s recommendation. These students will be allowed to appear as repeater in that class.